Hollywood Men Say the Darnedest Things (and Still Get to Keep Their Jobs…)


English-born actor Daniel Craig has recently raised a few eyebrows by heavily criticizing the James Bond movie franchise in which he has portrayed the iconic character in four of the recent Bond instalments.

In a recent interview, Craig told a reporter he’d “rather slash [his] wrists” than reprise the role. He answered the question of who would play 007 next, by saying: “I don’t give a fuck.” Later in the interview, he said: “If I did another Bond movie, it would only be for the money.” Craig’s frustrations with the character have been noted by the media for many years; Craig was determined in earlier years to bring more “emotional depth” to the character, and explore the darker, convoluted aspects of portraying an assassin.

There are many notable cases of actors and actresses condemning their own projects to the media, and have suffered a backlash to their careers as a result. Katherine Heigl is an actress, who is reportedly difficult to work with, who experienced being ‘blackballed’ by producers after repeatedly critiquing the projects she had been involved in. Heigl called the film Knocked Up “somewhat sexist,” as it portrayed her female character as ‘uptight,’ and the male as a fun-loving goofball. She also dismissed the notion of winning an Emmy Award for the series Grey’s Anatomy because of its, as she describes it, poor writing. Heigl’s statements questioned the quality and political correctness of her projects, whereas Craig’s hyperbolic suicidal commentary is brash, and his petulant attitude regarding his future involvement with the Bond movies feels unnecessary. It will be interesting to see if Craig faces any repercussions over his interview, or if there will be a change in Craig’s status amongst movie producers.



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